Located in Victoria, Vancouver Island. The most beautiful place on earth. Poppy Photography specializes in Children & Family Portraiture.

So you’re in search of a photographer, are you?  

Is it time to capture your family where it is right now? To revel in new beginnings, marvel in the simple beauty of the everyday or to celebrate the legacy of a beloved family member or friend? 


We all have our reasons, and we all value photographs differently.  

I sincerely hope that what brought you here is you are the kind of person looking for an experience, a relationship. You’re someone who wants to work together with a person that you can trust and know that they want to do the very best job possible for you.  You are looking for some expertise in designing beautiful pieces for your home.  I hope that you are someone who values the art of print, who might feel that they long for days ago when you walked into a home and saw rows upon rows of photographs, and stacks upon stacks of photo albums. Someone who knows that one day, what we create together today will become priceless pieces your family will hold on to and cherish for years to come.   

We take photographs to remember, to revisit a time in our lives when we were happy. A time when there were no front teeth, a time when your kids thought you were the greatest thing ever, a time when the fashion styles you thought were so good turned out to be so, so bad. We don’t capture these moments to leave them on a disc in the back of the junk drawer. They are the moments to be savoured, not saved on file folder on your desktop.  And Facebook will not be around forever!

You know what the best is?  Walking into a store and hearing that song playing, that song you haven't heard since you were 16. What happens?  Memories come gushing back, your senses are overwhelmed, that sharp bolt of electricity shoots up the back of your neck.  You take a second and get whisked away back in time.  

What smell is most nostalgic to you? We all have one.  What smell makes you stop and floods your mind with beautiful memories?

Mine is bleach.  Kinda crazy weird right?  But the smell of bleach makes me so nostalgic and actually brings a tear to my eye when I get to stop take a second and run through memory lane.

My Nana Pat was a cleaning machine; every time we went to visit her the first thing to hit your nose was the fresh smell of bleach.  I hold so many wonderful memories of my Nana Pat and one of my most cherished possession is a photograph of her and my Popa embraced in a moment when they were camera unaware.  It's funny cause I clean with bleach myself just to bring me closer to her.  (My kids however, have in turn developed a hatred…they detest the smell of it.  "Ewww mom, what is that smell?!”)


The best part of having beautiful portraits is that you have something so dear to your heart to display in your home.  It’s that same feeling you get when you hear an old song, or a whiff of that nostalgic smell waves past your nose, and it’s right there on display for you to touch and feel that feeling every single day.   Every single day!

If this resonates with you, then you are in luck.  Poppy Photography specializes in creating beautiful pieces, albums and wall art to adorn your life with.  The experience is easy, fun, and exciting.  

With just three simple steps, you will have beautiful photographs in your home for you to enjoy every day. How novel is it to actually print a photograph these days? You get to see it, you get to touch it, and you can even smell it.  You get to spend more time soaking it all in.  It is not fleeting, it is there forever.

Five, ten, twenty years from now the effort you put in today will become priceless to your family's story.

So are you ready? Well, let’s get started then!

Printing is an art, it is not corruptible, you will not lose that gorgeous canvas on your wall and it will not become obsolete.

You Should Start Your Experience Right Now!!!  

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