Goldstream Infant Toddlers - Tuesday October 24 


School:  Almosthome Childcare/Preschool Ltd

Address:  514 Allandale Rd 

City: Victoria

Phone Number: 250-590-7666

School Contact: Cindy/Tina

Picture days: Tuesday April 25th Luxton

Wednesday April 26th Tillicum

Thursday April 27th Wallace

Start time: 9:30

Set up time: 9:15

Number of Children: 100 (approx)



Both parties, Poppy Photography and Almosthome Childcare/Preschool Ltd agree to abide by the following:

Only children who have be online registered by their parent/caregiver will be photographed for individual print purchases as well as for the group composite photo.

No purchase is required.

The photographs will be presented to each family in the form of an online gallery within 3 weeks of photo day.

Parents and families will have 5 days to select their favourites and place all of their orders. This ensures that we are able to process, print and deliver the photographs back in the most timely manner. There will be a fee of $25 to extend the gallery for each individual party that requests and a separate shipping charge.

Once the 5 days have lapse, all orders collected will be processed together. Orders will be packaged and delivered within 3 weeks to each of the Almosthome Childcare/Preschool centres for parents to pick up, or they can arrange shipping at a nominal cost.

Poppy Photography is not held responsible for photos that have been delivered to the centre and have gone missing, misplaced or damaged.

Poppy Photography will provide Almosthome Childcare Preschool Ltd. with all materials needed to advertise and execute this service.

Poppy Photography will handle the exchange of all monies with regard to said project. All monies are exchanged and processed online.

Image Release: Almosthome Childcare Preschool Ltd. acknowledges that all images taken by Poppy Photography are property of Poppy Photography and the copyright will indefinitely remain with Poppy Photography. Almosthome Childcare Preschool Ltd.acknowledges that Poppy Photography may use any images from said project, in print or on the web, for any purposes Poppy Photography deems necessary and appropriate, including, but not limited to, advertising, portfolio building, and blog posts with a signed model release from parent/guardian. 250 896 0786 2a 1609 Blanshard Street Victoria BC.

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